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Demo Recording Studio Sessions

€220 for FIVE 60-minute Studio Sessions to lay down your best vocals for your vocal demo*


The sessions will focus on vocal recording techniques and stylistic interpretation, including:

  • Microphone Technique

  • Volume Control

  • Clarity & Diction

  • Vocal Style

  • Emotion & Colours of the Voice

* Option to record up to 3 songs (depending on ability). Price includes mix, effects and edits - final recordings will be sent within 10 days after last session. 

Creative Song-Writing Sessions

€375 for TEN 60-minute Studio Sessions to compose and lay down your song**


The sessions will focus on songwriting techniques and artistic expression, including:

  • Song Structures

  • Genres & Stylistic Analysis  

  • Lyrics

  • Harmony

  • Instrumentation

  • How to use music software (on Macbook or iPad)

** Option to develop any pre-written song ideas or to be given a stimulus for a new song, with the aim to complete one original track

Intensive Vocal Coaching Sessions

€425 for 3 singing lessons per week over 4 weeks - total of TWELVE 60-minute 


The intensive sessions will focus on developing vocal technique and performance skills which can be used towards:

  • RSL Vocal Grade Exams ​​

  • Audition Preparation 

  • Live Concerts

  • Personal development

  • Recording / Video performances

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